Active in daily life

Every user of a wheelchair for active use has their own passions, dreams and needs. And Ottobock has the right wheelchair for active use for everyone. People with a varied everyday life like to use the versatile Motus. We developed the robust Ventus for those who expect a lot from their wheelchair. Individualists choose the Voyager Evo made of high-tech materials. Discerning riders have an Invader made to measure for themselves. Those who want a bit more zip in their life get their money's worth with a model from the Avantgarde series.
Each model is comfortable and safe with a modern design. For more activity, freedom and quality of life.

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The Motus is an adaptive wheelchair that can be customised to your unique preferences. Quick and easy to adjust, the swing-away footrests and height-adjustable back allow for more comfortable seating.



Reliable, sturdy and custom-made: The Ventus is a robust rigid-frame wheelchair with a minimalist frame design, appealing in its versatility.


Voyager Evo

The Voyager Evo: Unique like you. Choose the materials, colours and options that suit you best to make your Voyager Evo unique.