Juvo – the power wheelchair for greater independence

Control units


The TEN° handheld control device constitutes a small ergonomic revolution for you as a user. Why? One example is the soft hand pad, which prevents premature fatigue. The innovative rotary control with a 10-degree rotation angle makes it easy to access the speed regulation. The high-resolution 3.5 inch colour display gives you a good overview of your user interface.


The tried-and-tested VR2 is our basic control unit, which can be programmed to suit your personal needs. The control panel is divided into a keypad, two LED displays and a joystick. A charging receptacle is located on the underside.

Special controls

Alternative types of input can be used when standard joysticks don’t offer the best option. In many cases, the mini joystick is mounted on an electronic swivel arm for control with the chin or lips. We would be happy to provide you with additional input options for controlling your wheelchair. These can of course be used to control the seat functions as well as your communication devices and your home environment. More

Seating solutions

Variably adjustable seat (VAS)

The VAS can be adapted to your measurements, down to the centimetre. It comes standard-equipped with an adjustable padded backrest and a flat seat cushion. The Ergo-Joint back angle adjustment is almost entirely free from uncomfortable shear forces. Elevating arm supports and a broad range of legrest versions are optionally available.

Contour package

Our collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists has resulted in an optimally shaped seat which is available for ordering in a wide range of sizes and contours. The front seat base is formed by the anatomically shaped seat surface, which offers a high level of lateral stability. Moulded to the shape of the thigh, the cushion helps relieve the hip joint. An integrated “ramp” also aids the optimal positioning of the pelvis. Together with the back padding, it helps to actively straighten the pelvis. Both components of the contour package can be combined with the standard and VAS seating solutions.

Baxx line

The Baxx line consists of ergonomically shaped, rigid back shells offering you a high level of stability and sitting comfort for everyday use. Two different heights and three contours allow for individual adaptation to your requirements. The top of the back is padded to make sitting especially comfortable. Large recesses in the back shell make the Baxx lightweight and improve the sitting “climate” thanks to good ventilation.

Seat cushions

Thanks to our experience with high-tech foams used in automotive seating, we have succeeded in developing foam-based solutions for users who need to sit for long periods. Due to improved molecular mobility under a load, the foam offers optimised pressure distribution as it cushions the thighs and the pelvis. This and the reduced shear forces also result in fewer incidences of pressure sores. You can choose from a total of nine different cushion models from the Comfort, Floam and Terra lines.


Anti-tip rollers

These wheels ensure that the wheelchair does not tip over to the front when driving downhill and braking hard (e.g. when the control unit is turned off). The flexible anti-tip rollers fold back when they come into contact with the respective obstacle so that your front-wheel drive Juvo maintains its climbing ability (e.g. on curbs).

Slower driving on curves

Our control units allow you to individually adjust the driving parameters. Safety-relevant values that prevent the wheelchair from tipping over on curves are strictly maintained. If the control unit registers a steering motion, for example, it automatically lowers the speed.

Vibration compensation

The proper positioning of the input module is particularly important if a chin or lip control is used. Effortless driving is possible only if it is aligned precisely. Our joysticks can detect vibrations caused by ground conditions such as cobblestones and adjust the driving speed automatically if desired.

Gyroscope module

This module is a stabilisation programme that offers users effortless driving. The reliable directional stability of your wheelchair not only eliminates inconvenient driving corrections, but also enables precise manoeuvring on various surfaces and slopes. A gyroscope is also recommended when using digital inputs such as switch controls. It is part of the basic equipment of the front-wheel drive Juvo in conjunction with the TEN° control unit.

Caster swivel lock

It’s true that driving backwards is rarely necessary with a manoeuvrable wheelchair, but it can't always be avoided, for example when exiting a lift or on ramps. The undesired and difficult-to-control steering motion that occurs when the power wheelchair changes driving directions can be suppressed with a caster swivel lock. This keeps the fixed caster wheels in their straight-ahead position. The lock can be ordered as an option in a manual or power version.


Optional accessories

The USB interface offers a 12/24 V voltage for connecting additional devices such as respirators. If you would like extra lighting, you might be interested in our LED lighting with its attractive housing made of clear glass. In addition to a magnetic charging connection, we offer a drinks holder as well as a sturdy luggage carrier, which is suitable for transporting respirators, among other items.


The battery can be quickly and easily changed in all series 5 and 6 Juvo chassis by folding down the seat.

If your Juvo drive unit is being replaced, you won’t need to do without your usual seat and its customised add-on components during the repair time. This is because the unit is easy to replace thanks to the option of separating the chassis and seat.

Custom fabrication

The sophisticated modular design of the Juvo helps us reach many users with very specific requirements. However, if there’s anything else you need due to your special requirements, please speak to your specialist dealer or fitting manager. Our goal is to meet your individual wishes, making your everyday life easier on your journey to greater independence.

Frame colours

Anthracite metallic

Jet black RAL 9005

Ice blue

Sparkle light orange

Vinho sparkle

Marine blue

Candy red

Silver metallic

Yellow RAL 1023

Signal red RAL 3001

Sparkle granny-smith

Cream RAL 9001

White RAL 9016

Shimano matte

Jet black RAL 9005 matte

Technical data

Technical data  
Speeds 6 / 7.2 / 10 / 14 km/h
Battery capacity 63 Ah (C5) / 74 Ah (C20) gel batteries (standard equipment)
Range (acc. to ISO 7176-4) 35 km
Control unit VR2 or Ottobock TEN°
Max. load capacity Chassis size 1: 140 kg
Chassis size 2: 160 kg
Obstacle negotiation capability Front-wheel drive: 100 mm
Rear-wheel drive: 65 mm, optional 100 mm
Climbing ability (ISO 7176-2) 10° / 17%
Overall width Chassis size 1: 600 mm
Chassis size 2: 640 mm
Seat height (depending on seating solution) 400–550 mm
Seat width 340–560 mm
Seat depth 340–500 mm
Back angle 0° to +30°
Seat tilt 45° power
Seat inclination -3° / 0° / 3° / 6°
Back height 450 / 550 mm
Arm support height 225–350 mm
Lower leg length 250–540 mm
Max. charging time 12 hours
Weight from 107 kg


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