If nerves responsible for dorsiflexion are affected, this makes it difficult for you to pull the tip of the foot towards the body. This dorsiflexor weakness impedes walking: when swinging the leg forward, the foot is too close to the ground so that it gets caught up more easily. Compensating movements such as raising the hip lead to new malpositions.

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MyGait activates the fibular nerve from the outside in case of dorsiflexor weakness. Thanks to the surface stimulator, the foot lifts again – at every step.



In case of dorsiflexor weakness after a stroke, the ActiGait makes walking easier for many patients. The implant is also called a muscle stimulator.



The WalkOn/Trimable helps lift the foot when the foot lifting musculature is paralysed, and stabilises the ankle with slight support for a physiological gait pattern.


WalkOn Flex

The WalkOn flex helps lift the foot when the foot lifting musculature is paralysed, while permitting maximum freedom of movement.


WalkOn Reaction

The WalkOn Reaction uses the ground reaction force to help lift the foot and raise the knee joint in case of minor paralysis of the lower limbs.


Genu Neurexa

The Genu Neurexa provides good support after a stroke. It stabilises the knee and prevents overextension of the knee joint. Bending the knee continues to be possible.