Functional electrical stimulation (FES)

When an intact nerve no longer receives signals from the central nervous system (CNS), then it should be possible to stimulate the nerve artificially! This was the conclusion reached by researchers that led them to develop functional electrical stimulation (FES) for the body. FES is the most progressive fitting in the neurostimulation field. The MyGait for example is a surface stimulator for dorsiflexor weakness that stimulates the nerve from the outside. The ActiGait on the other hand achieves this effect with an implant. In media reports, the neuroimplant is also called a muscle stimulator or nerve prosthesis. After all, it is the nerve that sends the signal to the muscle – allowing you to move.


In case of dorsiflexor weakness after a stroke, the ActiGait makes walking easier for many patients. The implant is also called a muscle stimulator.



MyGait activates the fibular nerve from the outside in case of dorsiflexor weakness. Thanks to the surface stimulator, the foot lifts again – at every step.